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Hey lovely ! ❤️Im 21 yrs old girl , living in my own world,Majoring physiotherapy at Uod ,fine artist - Addicted to books and G.tea and tumblr! Im taken ,Easy going , fast at making frds,but hard to get close to ❤️📩


Feels like my voice is noisy , while they ask me to rise it , it low but i hear it as annoying , boring voice ..i hate when i m being mean but sometimes i cannot help but to be

Have you ever felt like , you have everything , but actually felt like you have nothing ?



if only i could sleep forever.

我真累 (i’m so tired)

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Happy 22 to me


Im not sure whats the meaning of ” alright ” anymore , or how to feel ” fine “


Usually , people’s second story is better than their first ,but mine is totally the opposite , the more i live , the more i hate living !